stockBoi Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions (T&C)

***** Terms & Condition for using *****

Please read completely before paying yearly charge for using
(Updated on 24 December 2014)
1. is not a free website. You should pay Yearly Charge for accessing
2. The charge is non-refundable. Once deposited, you cannot ask for refunding this charge by no means.
3. The charge is for one year usage of as a general user from January to December of the respective year.
3. If the total amount recieved from all users is not enough for hosting fee, site may be closed down. In that case you will be refunded excluding the sending charge to one of your requested (by email) bKash account.
4. You have to renew your account 30days before due date for next year. If you will not pay/renew within that period, your account may not be renewed for next year and you have to open a new account with account opening charge + yearly charge.
5. Mutiple recharges will not extend the validity of your account for more than one year. If you recharge multiple times by mistake, extra payment may be returned to you upon your request (by email). Sending charge will be deducted from that extra payment.
6. You will get access only after confirmation of your payment deposit. It may be delayed upon getting confirmation report from your depositing authority.

7. Your account will be suspended and payment will be forfeited if you-
  a) share your id & password to another person
  b) use your id to access for mass group of people (i.e one id for viewing stockBoi with group of people)
  c) grab the data by any web developing or programming language
  d) spamming the site
  e) post any rumor or confidential unpublished data of any stock company to our guestbook, pages or forums/blogs.
  f) vilify about this site without any proper reason
  g) try to phising or hacking the site
  h) try to reverse engineering the server or the site
  i) take any steps which will be detrimental or harmful for

8. We host the site & domain from hosting & domain providers. So we will not be responsible to up the server 24/7. Those providers may suspend this site for any technical or legal cause. In both cases, we will not be bound to refund your payment.
9. If any other law or legal agency suspend or block the access of this site from any particular country, we will not be responsible for that and no money will be refunded in that case.
10. Normally we will not flash your personal data like password, email, address, contact numbers, portfolio data to anyone. But if law or legal agency ask these data for any reason, we are bound to provide these data to the respective representative of those agencies.
11. We will not be responsible if data leaks from the hosting provider or any 3rd party.
12. We will not be bound to give you access at even after payment of yearly charge. If we reject you, your payment will be refunded upon your written request and refunding charge will be deducted from your payment.
13. We are not bound to support you over telephone/mobile. Only email & guestbook support will be provided but there is no fixed response time from our end. It may be delayed for any reason.
14. You should check this T&C page periodically as it may change over time and the latest T&C will be applied to you without any further notice.