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Name: Shakir Ahmed
23/07/10 @ 19:44
Comment: awesome certainly gonna help many newcomers like me...please carry on bros.
Name: rock
23/07/10 @ 11:07
Comment: can not find/go to chapter 4.6 related bullish engulfing, any advice?
Answer: chapter 4.6 has not been published yet. It will be published soon. Thanks for your interest.
Name: Azmal Hossain
23/07/10 @ 06:19
Comment: Thanks Admins, Its a great work.... This will be very helpful 4 new investors. It is because of people like u we have a chance of educating our investors nd breaking free from the grips of GAMBLERS..
Name: Admin
29/05/10 @ 20:23
Comment: You can freely use this guestbook to communicate with each other until further establishment of an alternative platform. If you have an alternative platform inform it here without hesitation.
Name: Murad Ahmed
08/05/10 @ 17:04
Comment: Thanks
Name: Shipon
08/05/10 @ 16:05
Comment: Thanks for this site, it will be very help full for the investor.
Name: Sayed
10/04/10 @ 17:05
Comment: Admin bhai it's really helpful.i hope u will gather more knowledge for new investor like me.wait for ur update and more technical knowledge.
Answer: Thnx sayed vaia for your comment. Actually in basic tab, there are technical terms also. But soon you will find here lessons on technical analysis and many more. Keep your eyes regularly on this site.
Name: Admin
06/04/10 @ 19:00
Comment: Ok. I will give it tomorrow. Thanx for your nice comment.
Name: Roshan Zameer
06/04/10 @ 18:56
Comment: Good work brother. I hope it will be very helpful for everyone who r involve with share business and wishes to learn about share business.....Plz put the adress on the discussion group in my group "Fundamental and Technical Analysis"
Name: Admin
06/04/10 @ 04:59
Comment: Thnx monowar vai for your nice comment. Site will be updated regularly so that all level of investors can be benifited.
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