stockBoi Chapters

Capital Market or Stock Market is professional place of investment and without acquiring proper knowledge if you try to invest on rumors or other verbal source of information, there is a great risk of your economic loss.
So from the very first, main objective of stockBoi (which was named as stockpedia) was to literate people about stock market as far as possible in simplied forms with practical examples.

In this section, different related terms and definitions have been discussed in different chapters.
These chapters are divided into two parts. The BASIC part includes fundamental terms and definitions while the TECH part shows you the basic concept of Technical Analysis.
Examples of TECH chapters are based on Profita Technical Analysis Software which is a third party tool and is not free now.
You may use Amibroker software for technical analysis which is free and has GPU license.
In future, all examples will be replaced with Amibroker related graphs and tools.

For better understanding, you should start from the beginning and then go through the chronological sequences of the chapters.

All the information, provided here, are totally from the concept of stockBoi. There may be discremination or wrong concept in some cases.
You should take professional help before taking any decision on investement.
stockBoi will not responsible in any way, if you take investment decision based on these chapters.